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Re: Name a piece of unworn QVC jewelry

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@SeaMaiden The earrings are gorgeous. You sell them on Ebay. I would love to have them.

@Margui  I have things including these earrings I would sell on EBay....but I always hear about  people having problems making it more trouble than it is worth.  I wish we could exchange info here but I know it is against the standards.  I would feel better trading/ selling on these  forums  but that is never going to happen.  If I do get brave and  list them on EBay , I will let you know here🙂.


I finally got brave and sold a few jewelry pieces on ebay. Was glad to get them out of the drawer. Was glad to get some money for them. Was surprised at how much they sold for. And was pleased when no drama ensued. 


The first time I ever sold something on ebay lots of drama ensued and I swore off doing it again. Several months after the sale the buyer claimed her account had been hacked and filed a credit card chargeback. This in spite of the fact that we had exchanged several pleasant e-mails about the item and she had left positive feedback after receiving it. Can't tell you how many hours I spent on the phone with ebay and Paypal trying to straighten things out, and I still ended up losing the money. I said no more ebay. Ever. Again. But my bravery has returned.  Somewhat. Smiley Frustrated