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My verdict on Lux jewelry cleaner and tarnished silver

When I got home from work today, my Lux Jewelry Cleaner had arrived. A couple of weeks ago I had asked if anyone knew if it would work on slightly tarnished silver. Hosts have said not but some reviews indicate it does. I have a mother of pearl flower ring with the petals trimmed in silver and I left it out on my vanity too long and it tarnished a bit.

My verdict is that it does work on very slightly tarnished silver. I put the foam on the piece, let it sit for 30 seconds and then took a very old, very soft tooth brush and scrubbed for about another 30 seconds and rinsed. To my eye, all the tarnish is gone.

I then took a very intricate silver ring with oxidation that was heavily, heavily tarnished. It lightened up the tarnish without removing the oxidation. It is still tarnished but I can wear it because it is so heavily oxidized to begin with.

Finally, I took a very heavily tarnished brooch which is smooth silver, no detail, no intentional oxidation and the Lux hardly made a difference. I can't wear it and will need to dip it in Tarn-X.

Hope this helps whomever.