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When last week, my husband asked me what will I want for my name day gift, I smilled and gave hhim this item  number J274851.

Well ladies, this morning came a parcel under his name, gave it to him and later told me to open it as it is a gift from him to me.


I just love my eternity ring.


Thank you QVC for furnishing smiles to us with your nice products, and Mike (my husband's name), got a kiss from me today. 



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@Dinaki  Look beautiful. Enjoy 😉 

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@Dinaki Very pretty!

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@Dinaki  Beautiful! 👍  Enjoy your new ring!! 

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@Dinaki .........What is name day?

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What a sweet hubby you have!  The ring looks so pretty on your hand.

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In some countries in Europe, especially France, each Saint of the Catholic Church has a day. For example, tomorrow, May 18th, is St. Eric's Day. It was customary to give a gift to a loved one to celebrate their namesake's day like a birthday.