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Since no one in my circle of friends knows who/what Judith Ripka is...I had to share my find with you lovely ladies! Today at my local TJ Maxx I bought the black onyx silver and 18k gold "Sugarloaf" stud earrings on clearance for $109. Yay! They're so pretty and the sales lady even said, "Now why haven't I noticed those before?". Such a classy pair of earrings that will go with everything. The black onyx is faceted and has a nice sparkle. Thanks for letting me share! Smiley Happy
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How nice to find a deal on something you love! Enjoy your new earrings.

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I also love ""treasure hunting"" at TJMaxx and have dug up some really great deals on designer jewelry ! Enjoy your great find.

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I always forget to look at jewelry when I'm there. I have my favorite spots to look in the store and usually don't look at anything else. It's great to find a deal on a brand you like.

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Good for you!
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Enjoy your find & Thanks for sharing. I have also gotten some great discount prices for a few JR peices. One I gave for a xmas present that was a great discount price. I just hit it right & got lucky that day.

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Thanks again for letting me share my excitement! I was there looking at handbags and there wasn't much to look at which is a good thing in this case. Love a good treasure hunt and a great deal. Have a good night!
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When you clean your onyx jewelry do not soak them or put them in a sonic cleaned with solution: the onyx may come off it's backing. I ruined my husband's onyx pinky ring this way and had to have it reset.
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congrats on your find! I have found some really nice pieces there over they years but not recently......the TJ's close to me has changed for the worse so I rarely go in there now but you have given me a good reason to take a look at the jewelry!

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Our TJM's has a few JR2 pieces on clearance. I'm not a huge JR2 fan so nothing appealed to me, but there are a couple of pieces at Nordstrom Rack that caught my eye.{#emotions_dlg.rolleyes}