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So sad-- I just discovered that Mr. Effy Hematian, the founder of EFFY Jewelry, passed away last week.


He created his company back in 1979 after he immigrated here from Iran. He was an electrical engineer, but always had a passion for jewelry. His designs, precision for high level standardization, and use of colored stones are remarkable.  One of his favorite muses is the panther.


Now his jewelry is known the world over, and is finally sold here on QVC.


I own many beautiful EFFY pieces, some decades old, and I purchased my favorite piece from Lord and Taylor during their going out of business sale.  


Mr. Effy has created a wonderful legacy, and will be remembered fondly in the jewelry world!

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Re: Mourning Mr. Effy Hematian

@FancyPhillyshopper  Thank you for that news. I had no idea. RIP


He was brilliant in his design work and always used beautiful color stones. I have a few of his pieces that I bought at Saks.


We lost a master at what he did.

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Re: Mourning Mr. Effy Hematian

They had an Effy Hematian show on Gem Shopping yesterday.  The company sells under two names.  The standard Effy and the upscale Effy Hematian.  Immediately I spotted a Paraiba.  Their price was $85,000.00.  It was the neon color.  There are 3 colors.  Blue (the cheapest) blue green & neon.  In the early 2000's, several Paraibas were discovered in Africa.  Several countries.  They were bigger, but they lacked the punch of the neon color that you find in Brazil.  Also so far only the blue green color.  The official name (coined by Hematian) is still Brazilian Paraiba toumaline. Copper bearing ones commanded more money.  Assuming the African ones are cheaper.

 Paraiba tourmaline

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Re: Mourning Mr. Effy Hematian

Love his jewelry.  Some of my favorite jewelry that I own are the emerald and diamond and saphire and diamond rings I have of his.  RIP

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Re: Mourning Mr. Effy Hematian

Effy Hematian

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Re: Mourning Mr. Effy Hematian

Sorry to learn this.  I have many of his pieces--a very talented man.