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Putting on a black pearl necklace and missing the Honora designs of years past. I wasn't much a fan of the brightly colored offerings but loved regular white and black. Had I only known they wouldn't be around forever, I'd have stocked up. Also, a favorite pendant, and I'm not sure but believe it to be Honora, about 1.5" round, crescent moon in white pearl and the dark side of the moon in black pearl. It's a real pendant with a nice large bale that I can wear on most all necklaces, even my strings of pearls. I used to look forward to Joel's offerings during Christmas. Really am glad they made the products to last but sure would like to buy myself a nice present.

@Carolina925, This is just a thought, but JTV has many pearl shows in addition to their website.

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I have bought a few pieces from Catherine Cardellini in Australia. She is still a bit active on FB occasionally but I think she has shoulder issues and her website has not been updated in over a year. Also have found some cute, really inexpensive, shell pearl jewelry on Etsy. Reluctantly purchased from two different Chinese vendors and several vendors in the US (US substantially more expensive).

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I own about five Mikimoto pieces from long ago but have added many Shell pearls (man made nacre repeatedly dipped in oyster substance). I'm sure these are made in China and Vietnam (I'm fine with that). They look and wear like expensive pearls but they are inexpensive and individually knotted.

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I have some Honera pieces and so glad I do. Just another of the much better quality brands that used to be sold on Q. Miss Robert Morris as well. We won't talk about the price of gold pieces years ago either. I have a 16 gr. bracelet that I paid $150 for. Those were the days...

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You need to check out JTV's "Precious World of Pearls". They have pearls for every budget. They are pretty too. I've bought several stands. I think they are still having shows this visit, but check out their website. Very reasonable prices. I got a 2 pearl Tahitian ring for $99,99 a couple of weeks ago. Great buy and the pearls are beautiful.

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@Carolina925I have the same pendant. It is a beauty!!

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I was never a fan. I'm not crazy about pearls and knowing the Honora were flawed and dyed, I always felt they were taking advantage of uninformed customers to dump junk.

Actually, Honora sold some triple A necklaces and many of their rose freshwater pearls were not dyed. I have a necklace of their natural rose color freshwater pearls every bit as beautiful as the Mikimoto Pearl necklace I received as a gift that was AAA.


I only wanted anyone reading to know that Honora sold different qualities at QVC. 🙂


Honora still sell at Macys and many high end jewelers.

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I used to enjoy the pearl shows too. They had some unique items and I have them. I have a pair of pearl earrings that are stacked like a snowman and a necklac with pearls in the shape of a snowflake.  


I have some of the regular strands of pearls too and it's fun to wear them.

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There's still Honora in inventory. Why not have an Honora show?

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Darn!   I had no idea that QVC had dropped Honora.