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Re: Memories of QVC Jewelry presentations

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@Songbird1 Jeff Hewson is long gone. I don't know why he actually left QVC, but since his ex-wife, Judy Crowell, was still working at QVC, I imagine that it was not a great situation for either of them. He was a great salesperson.I read somewhere a long time ago that he had a stroke and was in rehab. But I don't know if that is really true. I was more of a casual QVC watcher back then, only the jewelry shows interested me. 


That is really nice that Pat replied to you!

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Re: Memories of QVC Jewelry presentations

@KathyM23 wrote:

I always looked forward to watching Silver Style on Sunday.  First was Jane Tracy and then Jill Bauer.  I sure bought a lot from those shows.  I have sterling and enamal bangles from Italy I bought in every color and they still are my go to bracelets for summer.

OH yes! Those 3 hours of Silver Style (my downfall says DH) were such a treat. The enamel pieces (got the earrings, bracelets and chains!) in all those lovely colors and in Italian Silver. I also love the pieces Jane brought (rings and chains) that were copies of her Mom's pieces or her own pieces. Still have and wear all the unique silver jewelry that they use to offer that sold out FAST so you had to pay attention and dial (before the internet ) FAST.

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Re: Memories of QVC Jewelry presentations

They might still do it, but I haven't seen it in a long time.  I loved the Once in a Lifetime shows, with the very expensive pieces.  I really loved to sit and watch that show, and dream dream dream!


Also miss the colored diamonique pieces.   I have a few.

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Re: Memories of QVC Jewelry presentations

My favorites also Eternagold (Ted Leach' EG), Honora (Joel and his partner ---) and also  Robert Lee Morris' Sterling SILVER. 


The Q host I miss the most is Lisa Mason.  Such a classy lady plus she was funny and pretty.  I loved her style in clothes also. The show on New Years eve with Lisa M. and Lisa R. was fun to watch. 


I enjoyed the special shows they had one year that featured notable new to Q designers. Was it called Sterling Designer Showcase?  Everything was special and unique.  I bought several Robert Shields sterling piece (He was formerly an entertainer in the team of Shields and Yarnell, from the Sonny and Cheri tv era.)  There was also a sculptor Yaacov Heller who made magnet broaches to hang glasses on.  Michael Michaud was in the program also with his beautiful botanical jewelry and I bought a few of pieces also. Does anyone remember these shows?  I'm not sure, Robert Lee Morris may have joined Q for these shows also.

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Re: Memories of QVC Jewelry presentations

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I still shop on occasion at Gem Shopping.  It's the only place I can get diamonds, 18K gold and or platinum.  The gem stones are secondary to the setting.  Obviously, the settings of diamonds & 18K gold is worth more then anything else.  i can't really afford the necklaces.  But I have precious gems set in diamonds, etc as bracelets and rings.  The rubies, sapphires, emeralds by themselves are really only worth several hundred dollars.  It's the rest  that  cranks up the dollars.  The only really valuable gem stone I have by itself is  a Paraiba. Also all my gems have lab certificates.  I have a few pearls, but they are salt water set in rings.  Big round ones from oysters.

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Re: Memories of QVC Jewelry presentations

........And Once in a Lifetime with Kathy Levine

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Re: Memories of QVC Jewelry presentations

Just sold off lot of my stuff this week when gold went to a 8 yr high


Bought me a hinged cuff from Brighton/Zahra Love in blue mosiac.

All the outlets are closed, just paid for expedited shipping LOL