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this is the pendant I found on JTV yesteray---for my DD who will turn 40 in Dec---wanted a very special item for this momentous b-day!!  It is a grape garnet, surrounded by champagne diamonds in a 10kt  rose gold setting with a chain. pendant.jpgShe is a huge fan of rose gold, garnets are her fave gemstones and who doesn't like diamonds?? this photo  isn't great--maybe when I get it I will take a better photo---

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that gemstone is so pretty with the rose gold!  

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It is a beautiful pendant!  Your daughter will be so happy when she receives this and proud to tell people her sweet mother gave it to her!  


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Gorgeous! Wish I were your daughter.

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That is lovely !

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B'day girl when she gets her present!


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Lovely. May she wear in good health.

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@wagirl, What a lovely pendant you chose for your daughter.  She will be thrilled and will think of her dear mom whenever she wears it.  

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How gorgeous!  I'm sure she will be thrilled!  Who wouldn't be?  I didn't even know they had grape garnets!  

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So very, very pretty!  She is fortunate to have a mom with good taste!!!