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Please if you know, let me know the date and time of Louis's debut show.  I understand it is on Q2.  Thanks.

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August 25th, QVC2, 6:00pm a one hour JEWELRY SHOW.  You can also get a lot of other good info and dates on the Linea forum pages where the ladies meet and chat.

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Thanks.   I'll keep the forum in mind.

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Real jewelry or costume jewelry???

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@chrystaltree I'm pretty sure he only does costume jewelry.  If I like the look, that is what decides it for me.

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Louis's jewelry is fashion jewelry he designs to go with the clothing he designs.  Some pieces are replicas of his couture pieces from the days he was the head of Anne Klein, for some 20 years.  He also designed collections for Neimans and for Bergdorfs.  Many very distinctive pieces.  I happily wear his jewelry along side my "real" jewelry. 


Louis also has a wonderful web site, louis dell olio dot com.  He gives us sneak peeks there as well as answers any questions we might have.  He is very attentive!  He and his wife Jac are on vacation now, but he very often will check in from time to time when they are away.