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LTS - Barbara Bixby Grasshopper Charm

Lunchtime Special -

Barbara Bixby Sterling & 18K Pave' Gemstone Grasshopper Charm

was: $199.75    

LTS Price: $85.20  w/6 EZ Pays of $14.20

S/H $5.00


A Note from the Designer

"The Japanese revere the grasshopper's song, believing the moon inspires its music. In China, the grasshopper is a symbol of happiness, good health, good luck, abundance, and virtue. Native Americans consider the grasshopper a harbinger of joyful news. The grasshopper springs us into magical realms and teaches us to see the 'big picture.' The lines of its body are perfect for a three-dimensional sculpture. Green quartz promotes growth and abundance, and I've placed a green-toned mother-of-pearl under Limon® quartz to give it a luminescent glow. The amethyst, a crown chakra stone, is specially carved for the grasshopper's head and is a stone of intuition, spirituality, and mediation."

—Barbara Bixby


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Re: LTS - Barbara Bixby Grasshopper Charm


i am debating about this one. i already have the large grasshopper enhancer (and the ring). i am not so sure i "need" the charm. i will say that the grasshopper pieces are VERY unique and they are attention getters.

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Re: LTS - Barbara Bixby Grasshopper Charm

Dear Sunshine45,

I also have the enhancer and love it. I will follow your example despite of the amazing prize.🌻