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Why 8" only?  Those bracelets were HUGE on Katya (sp?).

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wow, i haven't heard that name in awhile.  I didn't realize they were still on here. 

I remember the gal who used to do the show.  Set was all decorated and so. 

My sis just loved her stuff. 

I just checked out their offerings.  Seemed like mostly the bracelets were either stretch or adjustable. 

I would love to have the fairy robe shown. ooh la la. 

Maybe the one you love can be adjusted?? Or a link taken out??

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Which bracelet are you talking about?  Do you have an item number?

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I thought Kirk's Folly went out of business?  Doesn't look like the same quality as before.


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The bracelet I think you're talking about was an anklet.  It was also adjustable for the wrist.  I think it saves them money if they make one size and then make it adjustable.  I used  to buy it but I grew out of that style.  AND I have toooooo much jewelry anyhow.

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Re: Kirk's Folly Bracelets

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I missed the show which I 'think' was on Q2, last night........ Jennifer was on with Antonella, I think.....  Smiley Frustrated


edited to add:: Nothing is the same on here anymore.... don't like it at allSmiley Sad


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The bracelet I wanted was J353066.  I do see that there are stretch bracelets available, but I don't wear stretch bracelets.  Another one I'd love to have is J355211.  It does measure 7 1/4", but rather pricey.  Not in my budget.

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I have many KF linked bracelets that are much larger than my 6" wrist.  I just clip them on a link that fits my wrist and let the rest dangle.

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Lots of Kirk's Folly over on ebay. I pick up pieces i wanted and missed there.