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Just saw her with Rick. I think that she is presenting her own line. She is not replacing Erin. She looks exactly the same!

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Kathy and Rick were fun together !  She is professional, well dressed and funny, it can be done. 

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I enjoyed seeing Kathy again.

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She acts the same too.  This is her own line within the umbrella of Diamonique.  Erin is on with Rick now.  

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Yes they were fun to watch!   She also has some lovely pieces.

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It was really nice to see her.

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KL told Rick at the end of their time together that he was her new Joan, it was very sentimental. 

I thought KL was going ot be a DMQ host, not a vendor. I have  her rings in gold and in silver, the silver now is not priced too far from its original price. 

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So nice to see her, she was the best!  Funny, smart and looks great.  The good old days when a host was able to present all by themselves, were prepared and didn't need "brand ambassadors"  

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KL is lovely and likes to laugh at herself, she made a few age related jokes when she was on with Rick. She learned a lot from Joan!!

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It was nice to see Kathy.