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Wait.....LR has a website? People still follow her? WOW....what flavor is the KoolAid they are drinking?


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I have bought from her on several occasions.  I compare her home items to those sold at HomeGoods; there are exceptions, of course.  The jewelry has met my expectations.  But it is important to take price into consideration with all purchases, no matter where they are made.  Lisa is not my friend - she is a retailer I choose to do business with.

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I finally got tired of seeing things I liked only to find out they weren't in stock. If you're going to run a business you really should be stocked up on your products.

She carries a lot of costume and gold plated jewelry.

She's had her website for a long time so people must be buying her things. I always like to see people make it when they start their own business.

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You can find many of the items she sells on Amazon for much cheaper.  A lot of decorative merchandise is from Raz imports.  Selling for less on Amazon, such as Christmas ornaments.  

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Curious as to the location of the farmhouse.  Where in PA is it?

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Many of her items are from Raz imports.  Look at their inventory on Amazon.  Decorative items and Christmas ornaments.

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And it's necklace.

I love my pups!
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Sure are a lot of people jealous of Lisa R. I too have ordered her items with no problems and been happy with the merchandise. She works hard and I am happy to support her business.