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Re: Jewelry set in Palladium

@Songbird1  Check Era Gem on-line. Perhaps they have some pieces in Palladium for you to browse. Their pieces are top-end. If you have questions, give them a call and ask! Their jewelers are GIA and very, very helpful. I have several pieces that are no longer being worn for sale there and find them to be reputable and resourceful. They love to answer questions. Ask away!


I love my palladium right hand ring with my platinum wedding rings. Best wishes. 

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Re: Jewelry set in Palladium

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@BirkiLady wrote:

@Sanna  Sorry to differ with you. I am wearing a gorgeous large center diamond ring in pure palladium on my right hand right now. Have been wearing it since the early 1980's. It is beautiful with my platinum wedding rings on my left hand which I've worn since 1969. I also have other pure palladium rings, pins and broaches. They are not mixed with any other metals . . . that's not the way to set find stones IMO.


Most of my jewelry is either 18K (white or yellow) or platinum. None of it is mixed metals.


If I want to wear sterling silver, it's simply sterling silver . . . no jewels set in that metal ever.  

I agree.  I have 2 pieces that are all in silver.  Nothing else.  Silver is semi precious to me. It's pointless to try and polish silver all the time.  It wears away the silver.  It doesn't belong mixed with something more valuable. Diamonds belong with gem stones and in 18K or  platinum.  I even dislike 14K settings.  Just not enough gold.

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Re: Jewelry set in Palladium

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@Songbird1.  Michael Vallatuti who sells on Evine under the name of Gems en Vogue, uses an alloy of silver and palladium in all of his jewelry.  This prevents it from ever tarnishing.  Much of it is layered with gold which I've never head anyone say  rubbed off.

This is different.  It's solid Palladium.  It's set as two tone.  18K & the white part is Palladium.  It've never seen it that way.  You normally see it layered on another metal to prevent tarnishing.  Instead of dimaond set in platinum, it's set in Palladium.  The norm at Gem shopping network is 18K or Platinum.

Well solid or not Michael mixes it with silver and the results are lovely.  So I for one am happy that he has been doing this for years.  His rings are very substantial.  I am rough on jewelry.  His jewelry has precious and semi precious set in silver mixed with palladium.