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I use little plastic boxes from the hardware aisle at Dollar Tree for earrings.  They have about 10 compartments each. Easy to see and grab fast. I have six in my safe. 

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I have a ton of hooks hanging from the wall in the extra closet.  Organized by long necklaces, short necklaces, silver chains, gold chains, bracelets. On the shelf I have organizers for earrings, pendants, watches.  Someday I want to count the number of pieces I have - it's a lot.



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@patbz wrote:

I use plastic tackle boxes and put them in various drawers and cabinets in my bedroom.  I like that sometimes I can stack them three deep.All the jewelry I wear is now silver and mainly NA.  I usually have a "go to" tackle box in my bathroom drawer and occasionally I'll exchange it with another of my tackle boxes.


How do you keep your silver jewelry from tarnishing @patbz? I've tried all sorts of stuff. Those little paper ant-tarnish strips. The little anti-tarnish paper bags. I recently took out all my silver and NA jewelry and packaged each piece in a little Ziploc plastic bag.


My mom used to wrap all her silverware and silverplate tightly in cellophane then store it in Ziploc bags. That seemed to keep the tarnish at bay so long as no air got between the silverware and the plastic wrap. 


Seems like I don't have too much trouble with the Carolyn Pollack jewelry tarnishing compared to other things. 

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I have a jewelry armoire that stands with a mirror on the front. I has a place for earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and shelves for miscellaneous items. I use this primarily for sterling silver because it has that special lining. I have a Judith Ripka jewelry box with two removable shelves for all my Judith Ripka, I have several boxes with clear tops designed by Coleen Lopez at HSN (these are great because you can see what is inside and you can store them flat or standing up like books) that have different interiors (one is rings only and several have individual spaces for bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc. and I separate by vendor. I try to find ways to store my jewelry so that you can see what you have at a glance, otherwise you won't wear it.Smiley Happy

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The large armoires they have at HSN and used to have at QVC are usually lined with a treated lining that is supposed to protect your silver for 25  years. Also, the boxes that Coleen Lopez has on HSN are lined to protect silver. Lori Grenier lines some of her roll up jewelry storage or at least she did in the past. There used to be quite a selection back when they used to do "Silver Style" on Sunday mornings.Smiley Happy

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Joan Rivers used to sell hanging jewellery organizers.  They have become more mainstream now.  Love them.  You can see everything at a glance and they don’t take much space.  LM

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I have a couple of Lori Grenier's jewelry boxes from 15-20 years ago.  They are 18" long, 11" wide and 4" deep.  They have trays with small square sections that are removable and sit as the top shelf.  The bottom shelf has an assortment of divided areas.  One is black lacquer and one is oak. I haven't seen her sell these in a good 15 years and wish she'd bring them back.


How I've sorted has changed over the years.  I currently use one for rose gold and one for yellow gold.  Within each box....


I sort earrings and pendants by gemstone/color of gemstone.  


I sort chains by length.  


The little white gold I have is put in a section in the box that has extra room.  I have just a couple of JR pieces and keep those near the white gold.  


Rings are kept separate in a ring box (Colleen Lopez box).  



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Except for my pearls and diamond ring (which I wear every time I go out), I have mostly fashion jewelry. I've bought several Glad Kitchen storage boxes and have sorted the necklaces by designer.  For smaller earrings and pendants I have something similar to the photo below...purchased from Walmart..a no spill bead organizer. Use the little square anti tarnish patches in the bottom of each section. Capture.JPG

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@AuntMame:I usually use a polishing clothe  or Windex.

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I use stackable anti-tarnish boxes with the ring rolls for all of my silver hoops. I separate the hoops according to whether or not they have stones into one box or another.


Bracelets go in compartmentalized anti-tarnish stackable boxes.


I am not a fan of those big furniture-type storage things or the kind that hang on the back of a door. My friend was robbed and the thief had it easy...he just lifted the piece with all the jewelry inside it...nice package for him, all-in-one-and-done-deal.  I place my boxes in different places so it won't be that easy for a thief to find them all at once. My most valuable stuff is in a box at my bank and it will stay there indefinitely.