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Love jewelry shows....the ONLY QVC shows I watch for the full hour anymore. As jewelry not a big money maker for QVC anymore, I notice they always put a big jewerly show on after the 'get it by XMAS ' delivery date. OK with me!

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I think they know people buy "gifts" for themselves once they're done shopping for others.



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Even if I do not shop, I will certainly try to watch some of the shows!


Shopping for unique jewelry is what first brought me to QVC.

Every once in a while I find something I just have to purchase.


It is always fun to see all the pretty designs and glorious gemstones.

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I remember when they used to do the no extra charge for expedited shipping on these shows. I remember buying a bracelet and sending it to myself at my parents' house for Christmas. Today things don't even get there in time with regular shipping!

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They used to have all day jewelry on December 19th and guarantee Christmas delivery. 

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This is really sad on the part on QVC, to have ONLY one jewelry day at the holiday season is extremely poor planning on their part. We go through this EVERY season with only one or no jewelry shows for gift giving now.


Many years ago we ladies used to love the offering of a new diamond ring for the holiday AND they had this on weeks before christmas so that we had the new ring by/for christmas and through the entire season (by means of New Yr's too).


Now they offer us a new diamond ring but it's priced out of reach and 5 days before christmas?????????????????? NO ONE will even have it to present on the big day.


Seriously QVC? Instead of selling tons of warehouse stuff just to empty your stuff on us, you should be having lots of jewelry shows this time of season - better viewing than what you do these days.

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So if it's 24 hours, that means a jewelry TSV.  Anyone know what it might be?

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Will there be discount on ALL jewelry?  As in expensive gold items?  When they say all jewelry, they really mean diamonique, crystal, semi precious gems, silver on top of brass, silver on top of silver, on top of siver, on top of.....?

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What I don't understand is jewlery must still be selling since JTV only sells jewelry and has been on for years.  Why can't QVC make a profit selling more jewelry? 

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Re: Jewelry all day 12/20!

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@Pecky wrote:

What I don't understand is jewlery must still be selling since JTV only sells jewelry and has been on for years.  Why can't QVC make a profit selling more jewelry? 



@Pecky   My first response is poor management, lack of new designs and higher prices. Secondly, since they've limited their shows, Q can no longer purchase in bulk at lower price points that are passed on to the consumer.


JTV, jewelry being it's main product, can purchase large "lots" of any item which reduces its cost to the customer. In other words, when QVC limited its jewelry sales mistakenly thinking there was no interest, they shot themselves in the foot.


Women obviously still want to see jewelry, but new inventory at competitive prices.