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Jewelry Armoire

I'm such a sucker for my daughter but I'm sure those of you that have a daughter know exactly what I'm talking about. My daughter and I are very close and have a great relationship. So, tonight we're watching tv, talking about our trip to see my dad (her Grandpa) and I mention that I've sold some jewelry lately and saw some jewelry armoires online that looked nice and have the anti-tarnish lining. Told her that since they were on sale that I was thinking of getting one to replace the one I have that doesn't have the anti-tarnish lining. What does my daughter say? "Mom are you going to get rid of one of your armoires?" I said, "Well I was thinking about it and I'd sell it on Craigslist. Can you help me do that?" "Oh no you're not! I want it!" So she goes to my room to look at it and says she definitely wants it.

So what do I do? Go right to the JCP website and order the armoire I've been looking at. Now, I was just thinking about it. Hadn't decided yet that I for sure wanted it but as soon as my sweet, wonderful, special, lovely daughter said she wanted my old one, I was like "well sure sweetie, I'll go order that new armoire right now and you can have this old one." Didn't even give it a second thought or say "well when I decide I'll let you know" or "I need to think about it some more" or anything like that. LOL I'm such a sucker but you know, I love her so much that I don't even care. So now I have a new armoire on its way.