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I have many of his items and it is usually hit or miss whether I like them or not - I am very careful not to buy anything that is "compressed" - some things are, some not.  I love big, bold and chunky - leave the tiny stuff for petite women.

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@patbz   Thank you, maybe I will try to do that.

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To the person who had a promble with Jay King go to HSN and  check out his Page.


He has a website  there that people who have called in and said a stone fell out or something wrong and he has replaced it.  Jay King stand by his product. 

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I tried his line years ago....the settings were ugly and cheap and the stones had flaws.. one piece I returned because the stones were blackened at the point where they met the silver....the one sent to me in return, the same....they eventually all fell apart....I find, I love silver from Bali or Thailand....I loved the lady Swarti? She would dance on her show on QVC....she had beautiful pieces ....I'd love to see her come back

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Chaco Canyon on HSN has a line of Southwestern jewelry.

She has some good stuff.

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Unfortunately JK's citrine necklace looked much better on TV, had to return it because it was almost transparent, no color saturation whatsoever🌻 My local science museum has very nice "geological" jewelry that will be my next destination.


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@CHIP62I'm sorry to hear that the necklace was not as nice as it looked on TV.  I was itnterested in that one.  I got a necklace and bracelet  in the Teal apatite and I am happy with them.  They look great with other teals, blues, or greens. 

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@CHIP62, how sad that it wasn’t as saturated in color. Hope you find something you love. 

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He is unwatchable, the constant stuttering drives me cray cray.

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I love Jay King.  I am from Tucson and have as yet to see him at the gem show, but would really like to.  I own many of his pieces and have gotten a lot of compliments on them.  Jay, if you are reading this,  I have a fair amount of raw turquoise from PIMA MINE and am wondering if you are interested.  Keep doing what you are doing.  Love you.