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Jared, Kay, Zales -- Closing Stores

It's either appropriate or ironic, considering the TSV, but the world’s largest retailer of diamond jewelry is planning to close another 150 stores this year.   


Signet Jewelers, which operates approximately 3,300 stores primarily under the name brands of Kay Jewelers, Zales, Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry, and Piercing Pagoda, announced the closings yesterday.  They also plan to shrink its corporate staff through voluntary and forced cuts. 


Last year, the company closed 232 stores in the U.S. and Canada.

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Re: Jared, Kay, Zales -- Closing Stores

Not surprising, as the stores are most often located in shopping malls.

I have not been inside a mall in years. I did venture into Macy's a couple of times before Christmas to pick up items ordered online. The pickup was located just inside the door of the store and I did not go further inside Macy's nor did I enter the mall.


Readers: when do you last shop in a mall?

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Re: Jared, Kay, Zales -- Closing Stores

I haven't been in a mall since I attemped to buy a bathing suit last spring at Sears. I think aside from one other customer and one person at the checkout, I was the only person on the entire floor of that Sears.


And they had no bathing suits that fit and I probably wouldn't wear one if it did, because the selection was so limited and they were all awful looking.

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Re: Jared, Kay, Zales -- Closing Stores

It's not at all surprising; I love jewelry and I have been collecting jewelry for 3 decades.  I haven't been into or even looked into the windows of those types of jewelry stores in many years.  They priced themselves out of business, jewelry shoppers can get better lower prices from shopping channels but also from some online stores.  People shop online for everything now, people comparison shop online too.   

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Re: Jared, Kay, Zales -- Closing Stores

I used Kay to change my batteries in my watches. Guess all watches will be disposable in the future.

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Re: Jared, Kay, Zales -- Closing Stores

Sad about the store closings, but not surprising.


I read an article not too long ago about how young people today are more into electronics than jewelry. If they wear any jewelry at all it's usually fashion and not fine jewelry.


Most of my jewelry has been from QVC, back when they offered better prices and a better selection of items. I rarley shopped in B&M jewelry stores because of their higher prices. I imagine the high price of gold, the high rents in the malls and the lack of customers are doing them in.


As far as mall shopping, I rarely set foot in them. I don't have the time or the energy to waste hoping to find what I'm looking for. It's so much easier and convenient shopping online knowing I'll get exactly what I want and have it delivered. The only time our mall is ever busy is around Christmas time.





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Re: Jared, Kay, Zales -- Closing Stores

Not surpirsed either, our local Mall went from 5 jewelry stores down to 1 and even that one isn't doing well, as our mall is on its last leg.....I am not a big Mall person, I used tobe years ago, when the malls had great stores and were thriving, but now the closest I come to Mall Shopping is at the Prime Outlet Mall about 1/2 hour away. It is an outside Mall, and none of the stores are connected. I prefer those to enclosed malls anyways..

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Re: Jared, Kay, Zales -- Closing Stores

I was at a mall last weekend and happened to walk past one of those jewelry stores mentioned, and after looking at the jewelry offered and the price points, I immediately thought I can get more for less at the Q.

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Re: Jared, Kay, Zales -- Closing Stores

I used to work in a mall. There is a Kay Jewelers, Piercing Pagoda and Zales in the mall. Then a Jared was opened on the outside of the parking lot of the mall.


There is another mall exactly 5 miles from the mall where I used to work. There also is a  Kay Jewelers, Piercing Pagoda and a Zales.


And if you want to travel 10 miles to another mall. There is a Kay Jewelers, Piercing Pagoda and Zales in the mall. There is also a Jared.


Sounds like closing a store or two might be a good idea.

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Re: Jared, Kay, Zales -- Closing Stores

I've been noticing for several years now that women are wearing less jewelry, especially the younger ladies.  I've noticed it alot on TV, Maria Bartiromo wears brooches but I see almost no jewelry on the other ladies.