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Jane Tracy

Is this Host working over time? Every time I turn QVC on there is Jane. I really get enough of her fast, quick. The lady over talks the vendor and the noise makes it difficult to keep focused so I turn the channel. Something she needs to work on using her indoor voice. Jane's hair is looking better........................................

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Re: Jane Tracy

This post has been removed by QVC because it's unkind

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Re: Jane Tracy

I, on the other hand, have not seen her in forever. 

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Re: Jane Tracy

I really like Jane Treacy.  I only wish she would keep her hand still when she is selling jewelry.  She has a tendency to emphasize her words by bouncing her hand up and down.  Very distracting and makes it tough to see the jewelry!    Otherwise, Jane is A-OK with me!

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Re: Jane Tracy

I love Jane, and perhaps she's working more because Marybeth is just coming back and Shawns been out as well.  That doesn't leave really well seasoned hostesses to do jewelry and clothes. Btw I love her enthusiasm.