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Re: Jai Bracelet TSV 3/01 Packaging

I am sending the Big Bonanza TSV Jai bracelet back because I don't like it.  No oxidation and they didn't allow for the diameter of the bead.  There is very little drape on the average length.  Mine came in the QVC box which doesn't really bother me.  I toss all of the boxes in a recycle bin anyway. 

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Re: Jai Bracelet TSV 3/01 Packaging

@MarieW wrote:

My TSV bracelet and matching earrings did not come in the Jai Box or Bag, they came in the same generic QVC boxes as other pieces I'd ordered that day.  In addition I paid full price shipping on 5 items and they were all shipped in one box.  When HSN shipped a days worth of products in the same box you received a discounted rate for that.


I'm really disappointed about the packaging.  Designer pieces should have their designer packaging or if they are doing away with it, we should be shown the packaging we will get.  


Why make a nice piece of jewelry and fail or the packaging.  

I don't understand QVC and their shipping charges.  I know it costs money to ship.  However, if they are packaging 5 items togethers, you should only have to pay one shipping charge.  If they could work out their shipping process better so people could get a discount on multiple items purchased in the same day, I would buy a lot more.  Just saying it out please!!!!!

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Re: Jai Bracelet TSV 3/01 Packaging

This exact thing happend to me............... I spent $425.00 on 2 pieces and wrote to customer service.  Theey respned with an obvious to me, lie saying that sometimes JAI sends pieces in pain box.  In fact they sent pieces that were returned and damaged.  Why not  send new pieces packaged as JAI would.

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Re: Jai Bracelet TSV 3/01 Packaging

via facebook



JAI Jewelry for QVC


Good Morning my friends...

I wanted to give everyone a quick update as I continue to answer all the comments and questions I’ve received since our fantastic Big Bonanza TSV Day.

I heard from many that you did not receive your JAI designs in our signature Green JAI Boxes. I apologize that this was your experience. Please know I have been working with QVC to find out why this happened.

I’m happy to share that the issue was resolved and when you have a moment could you please reach out to Customer Service and advise them that you didn’t receive your JAI packaging they will send out your JAI Box free of charge.

It’s unfortunate that this happened but I hope this helps address your experience.

Sending you my best..

-Safe Travels /\ Scott

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Re: Jai Bracelet TSV 3/01 Packaging

I ordered the large paw print enhancer. It came on a QVC box as did his stud earrings.

The clasp on the enhancer wouldn’t lock so I returned it for a replacement. 

It arrived in the green bag & box, 

Glad Scott is fixing this!

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Re: Jai Bracelet TSV 3/01 Packaging

I just received a JAI bracelet that came in a lovely green pouch in a lovely green box , with JUDITH RIPKA  on both. A bit nicer than the standard QVC box, which is how my two previous JAI pieces arrived, but not exactly what I had expected.