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Re: Jackie Kennedy jewelry

I miss seeing model Corinne (Kerin), too.  Lovely show. 

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Re: Jackie Kennedy jewelry

Jackie Kennedy's jewelry is very nicely made, but never the less, very expensive costume jewelry. I ordered a few pieces, and inherited some when my mom passed. Have had a couple of problems with some of the pieces, and when I contaced the company, was told that they were no longer under warranty, and to just buy another! Yeah, right. I also liked to listen to Phil's stories that went along with the pieces, and don't recall having to purchase a piece or two of the jewelry in order to do so.

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Re: Jackie Kennedy jewelry

Hi, there,


I won't say how much JBK jewelry I've purchased over the years, but I will say that they completely fill two underbed storage boxes and a third one was easily started.  I wear those pieces often, and wrote down what I could remember about the stories.


I liked the line, but Mr. Katz always warned collectors that as soon as the last factory that made the glass pearls closed, Camrose and Kross was going to discontinue the line.  He made good on his word.  I never heard, however, that Jackie's family wanted to discontinue the line, and I watched all of the last shows that were broadcast-even took "sick" time off work to watch them.


And order, of course!

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Re: Jackie Kennedy jewelry

I bought none but enjoyed the stories.