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On the 15th I ordered a fun silver, snowflake, charm bracelet. The estimated arrival date was the 20th. It was in my mailbox this morning !  They are always prompt, but this is exceptional ! 

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I don't buy much from JTV but what I have I'm very happy with.

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@QVCkitty1  I agree. I've loved everything I've ever purchased from them. Their shipping is incredibly fast too! I always receive within 2-3 days,

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I'm so glad you got your package so quickly @QVCkitty1  I don't buy a lot of jewelry from them but when I have made an order, they get things out quickly and I've been happy with my purchase.

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Their Bella Luce designs and prices cannot be beat. 

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JTV hardy sells smaller size bracelets, for instance 6-1/2-inch. If they did I would probably buy more from them. I don't wear rings.

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Silver trinkets.  That's what I call them.  I've purchased a few.  Mostly Bella stuff.  They have many, many titles of shows. But they are usually the same.  Gold over silver. Once in a while 10K stuff. During those shows they hardly ever mention 10K.  Just say gold all the time.  Their rare 14K stuff is very light.  Because they try to keep their gold under a thousand. 


I no longer shop with them.  Their silver stuff is plated with rhodium and it makes them shine better.  So in some ways they are better then QVC.


ShopHQ is better.  Like JTV, they plate the Sterling silver with rhodium. They try to keep a lot of their gold under a thousand.  Lately they have been offering lots of diamond jewelry set in at least 14K.