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@SilleeMee wrote:

JTV has the best created blue spinel. That color is amazing. Genuine blue spinel is very expensive. I love the color so I bought a pair of their created blue spinel "Try Us" studs a few months ago and I wear them all the time. Love the setting. Best $20 spent.



They have gorgeous Lab Created spinel jewelry. Those earrings are stunning! I love the "Try US" prices. Can't resist. 

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I don't watch very much of it. Too much with silver, (although most of the time they put rhodium on it)  So it's not so bad. But 22 hours of silver shows out of 24 hours is a bit much.  Their fake diamonds are amazing looking.  Puts Diamonique to shame.  Beautiful with very innovative styles.  Too much 10K gold and very low gram weight.  So low, they don't show it.  But 20" necklaces in 10K with 2 grams is not unusual. But that's how they keep the the prices low. They're showing more gems then they ever did in the past, but mostly semi precious in cabochon styles. On occasion they have Tanzanites, but rarely offer natural precious gemstones.  Plenty of G, H & I diamonds (about the same as QVC) but better styles.  On the day QVC had the TSV of 1 ct diamonds band, they had the same weight & price, but rings with baguettes. So some things they do better. 

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For those that are new to JTV...  You can look at their jewelry for each show upwards of two weeks on an iPad, (depending on which operating system it uses).  If you purchase over $49 (online) you will receive free shipping.

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@Xivambala I bought the large Peter Rabbit piece for my collection of holiday themed jewelry to wear as we get closer to Easter.


It's a LARGE bunny pin and I like it very much.  I haven't bought many other items from this line so I can't speak to the quality of the overall pieces but that one it very well  made.


I like pins and brooches and they can be hard to find. I have bought from the Heidi Daus line but they tend to be really pricey (although well made) so I think hard about it before I buy.