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Hello I recently discovered belle luce on jtv and I have a couple questions for any one who has bought rings from this line on jtv. First I was doing an internet search on jtv reviews and I found some that were not so good about them charging extra payments on credit cards and sending not so good products. Is this a rippoff site? Do they steal money from accounts? Also for any one who has a preferred account card through them do they send a paper bill through the mail every month like qvc does? I am only interested in the belle luce line not into buying gemstones, can you tell me if you have pleased with the products from this line? Just a alittle worryed about being conned here cause some of their prices are really good and need some advice before I take the plunge. thanks for all comments concerning this.

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I have bought from JTV for many years.   You get what you pay for.    Nothing more or less.   I have never felt "ripped off".    I can't speak for their "payment plans" because I am one of those folks who "save up" for things in advance.

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I just found them this year too. NO complaints in any of those areas you asked about. It's all been A-OK.

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Love my Bella Luce and never had any issues with JTV, great prices.

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I agree with the other poster, you get what you pay for. I've bought Bella pieces and gemstone pieces as well.  Their designer Bella pieces are almost always on the mark -- and well finished, too, with undergalleries in the rings.  They've been increasing their offerings in 10k and 14k recently, too, at good prices.


I've never had any problems with them administratively, i.e., stretch pay problems, etc.  They're a tad slow on returns, but doing better lately.

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Maybe my response is not what you are looking for, but I have done business with JTV for some years.  I've never bought Bella Luce jewelry nor do I have a credit account with them.  My experiences are pretty much like Quality Gal--you get what you pay for.  If something seems really cheap, it's because it probably IS really cheap.  Their shipping is fast and less expensive than most online shopping sites.  They sell too much 10kt for my taste, but I've been happy with everything I've gotten from them.  Love their selection of gemstone jewelry.  Never had them double or overcharge my credit card for anything.  They seem honest enough.


Hope you have good luck with them and are happy with what you get

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I ddin't buy Bella Luce, but I have had experience with JTV. It was before they used stretch pay. 


As others have pointed out, you do get what you pay for. Overall, the quality was good. If I ddin't like something, I sent it back.  liked that CSRs were courteous and shipping was reasonable. Liked that they took paypal.


Some of these complaints web sites can be misleading--think of the company's long history. If they were as bad as some people claim, they wouldn't be in business.  Nothing is perfect and it is possible that people have problems with other retailers and that they are handled properly. You just don't hear about them.

So I wouldn't worry about JTV.


Happy shopping.

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I just sent back a Bella Luce ring.  I ordered that and a Stratify ring.  The Bella piece looked too fake and the lavender amethyst heart shaped ring was a little cloudy.  Both went back.  I sent back a chrome diopside ring last week.  The metal was so soft that it bent out of shape by just pulling on the tag.  I'm done with JTV.  I do have an adjustable tennis bracelet in rose gold that I liked enough to keep but the "diamonds" are too bright and look fake.  The QVC tennis bracelet is much nicer!

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As a long time buyer from shopping channels, over 20 years, I have to say that I find the most believable cubic zirconia is Absolute from HSN. I have bought Diamonique, Bella Luce and Absolute. By far whe I wear an Absolute ring or bracelet, some comments on it I think it is something about the cut.  I have also bought fro Evine but not their cubic zirconia pieces.


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 Have you tried Gemporia dot com?  You can buy and watch auction online and see the outlet and the rings are beautiful and different and the sleeping beauty everyone loves so much is so pretty and you can get sterling silver in that for about $35 for a ring but they go fast because they only make a limited number.