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Tablet Ring 


I ordered both the Kalahari and the Hammered unsure of whether I'd keep both or just one.  Well, they're both going back.  Unfortunately they don't work with my diamond eternity band that I wear all the time on my right hand.  I thought the band would just slip under the tablet part of the ring, but the structure of the ring doesn't allow that to work.


Of the two rings, the hammered one is much nicer IMO.  Rather than being totally flat on top (like a table), it has the slightest dome to it, and between that and the texture, the ring is much more interesting. If the ring had worked the way I would have liked to wear it I would have kept the hammered one.  The Kalahari would have gone back even if it worked with my eternity band.


Hope that helps anyone who was considering the tablet ring.



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Too bad they didn't work out for you to be able to wear them the way you wanted to.


I have to tell you how much I giggle at your sig line re: auto correct being a drunk fairy, LOL!

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I appreciate your comment about the doming of the  hammered tablet ring, and how that makes the ring look less flat.  Sorry that neither ring worked for you, though.  


I had the same feeling about the Bamboo ring, initially, that it looked flatter than I expected from the side, but when looked at from above, the bamboo pattern looks anything but flat, and almost like it has hidden dimensions, which draw your eyes right onto the curved bamboo reeds and then down below them into the shadowy depths of the spaces in between.  

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@Jersey Born It's just the slightest bit less flat, but it makes a difference IMO.