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J311322 Trinity Knot Ring 14k

I'm only 1/4 Irish but I love the symbolism of this ring. I'd like some opinions on if it would make a good everyday wedding band ring?  TIA

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Re: J311322 Trinity Knot Ring 14k

@starpolisher if the symbolism means something to you, then I would make a great wedding band.  You don't need to be Irish, IMO.  I know many people that have them as both wedding bands and only one person is Irish.  It's what it stands for and what it means to you.

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Re: J311322 Trinity Knot Ring 14k

Thats a beautiful ring...I see no reason why you could not use it for an everday wedding band....

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Re: J311322 Trinity Knot Ring 14k

Have you been to the DeSignet website? They have a huge assortment of celtic knotwork wedding bands that can be custom designed with or without rails and you can even design your own combination of multiple knot styles. They custom make everything and you can choose the 14k or 18k gold in rose, white yellow or green and they also do platinum. We had our wedding bands done by them that we custom designed and are very happy with our rings. 

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