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J282433, JR TSV gold clad, 36 inch necklace picture

Hello ladies,

Received my 36 inch gold clad TSV necklace today. My first long chain necklace. It looks lovely and i have tried it both long and doubled. I like it doubled with an enhancer as in the picture. The 100 facet diamonique sparkle and the texturing is all Ripka. I wish Ms Judith had made it double sided so when it flips and it does (has been driving me crazy !), the diamonique would show on both sides. The underside of the stations is textured and looks nice but I want to see the diamonique when i wear it and not the underside. Maybe it will grow on me. It is a pretty piece and substantial as well. Will look great layered with other long chains.

 photo 20130716_174030_zpsaa9929b4.jpg