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Re: Is Statement Jewelry Aging?

@Sweetbay magnolia   hey, i just looked at the longhorn choker.  i like it very much.  i have to ask though, are you in the cattle business, or live in texas? 

seems like a unusual subject matter for a choker.  yes, i'd probably wear that in a heartbeat. 

layered of course. lol.  very cool. 

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Re: Is Statement Jewelry Aging?

I was thinking about my 'statement' necklaces the other day.  I have 2 which I purchased from J Crew some years ago.  I think they are dated, sort of interesting to look at, but a dated look none the less.  Not sure when or if I'd wear them again.  They are costume.


I sold fine jewelry for a # of years and could never envision myself wearing any costume jewelry anymore.  But after I retired, sure enough, costume became popular and I did purchase those 2 necklaces. 


I think it depends on the quality of the piece.  If it's a timeless design such as turquoise strands.  Remember all the statement pieces Joan Rivers Collection used to sell?  All the pins/brooches, necklaces and other faux items.  Loads of it.  At that time I think it did add to an outfit, nowadays, not so much.

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Re: Is Statement Jewelry Aging?

I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would spend their old age worrying about whether or not they look young.  Because if you can't tell you look old, I'll assure you others can.


So why worry about it and not enjoy your old age? 

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Re: Is Statement Jewelry Aging?

WHO CARES? I don't care what the fashion "experts" say. I will where what I like. Two weeks from now we may see a celebrity sporting the newest statement jewelry and everyone will be copying her. Then, the experts will say it's the "new" thing! LOL! 


I will wear what makes me feel good. If it's in fashion or out of fashion, it is MY look! Smiley Happy

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Re: Is Statement Jewelry Aging?

@kittyloo , though I am at birth from the West, I am not in the cattle business nor from Texas.  I wear it as a symbol of endurance.


It reminds me of something Georgia O'Keefe would have painted.  I love it - and it fits beautifully at the clavicle. 

I laid down my hammer, and I saw ~ ancient proverb
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Re: Is Statement Jewelry Aging?

I never cared for the large statement pieces on me.  On others, it's a different story.  I like to keep things simple, so a chain with a pendant is standard for me.

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Re: Is Statement Jewelry Aging?

Small, delicate jewelry does not look good on me. I am not a petite person, so my jewelry is in proportion to me.

I wear what I love and if I feel good, I look good.
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Re: Is Statement Jewelry Aging?

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I don't wear them but I never did.  I am short and they feel too heavy for me so I have always been more comfortable with delicate pieces. I've never heard statement pieces are aging though. Many are so beautiful, to each their own I say. Smiley Happy 

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Re: Is Statement Jewelry Aging?

Probably, but I say "wear what you like". You know more then the Millennials who can't be bothered to lift their noses from their phone to attach any kind of jewelry.