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Re: Imperial Gold Turned Bronze?

Thanks everyone! Sure do appreciate your comments. Yes, the bracelets have been in my jewelry box for years and years. Haven't worn them in 10+ years. I'll definitely try cleaning and polishing them! Might try IG contact info because one bracelet is missing a few mirror bars. I thought the company went out of business. I'd like to have it fixed but I'm sure it'll cost a small fortune because the price of gold has gone through the roof.
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Re: Imperial Gold Turned Bronze?

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You are always so helpful! :heart:

@KingstonMom    Thanks!    (But all I really do is LOOK ON THE NET)...di

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Re: Imperial Gold Turned Bronze?

I have a bracelet that was my grandmother's and honestly assumed it was silver because it looked tarnished & oxidized.  It's very delicate and was afraid to clean it so took it to a jeweler to see my options.  To my surprise he said it was actually 18K gold & the formula they used at the turn of the 20th century was a different mix than used today.  He buffed it for me and it looks very antique and wearable now with little pieces of oxyx that are in between the links.  

My lesson was don't assume it's not gold just by some oxidation!