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You'd be in heaven in this place. 





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@Kachina624 .  Huge!  A fellow dealer / friend has two 6' amethyst geodes flanking his TV, thought they were big.

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Love Amethyst....

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I would definitely love that place! Yes, indeed. 

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Beautiful 🤩 

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Mother Nature rocks! (pun intended).Woman Very Happy

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I love amethyst! Those rocks are stunning. They are the perfect shade of purple.

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I wondered how they mined and transported them.  They must weight tons and they look so clean. 

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I thought this one from the American Museum of Natural History was impressive.  It looks like a paper weight compared to your photo!



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I always thought amethyst was heated quartz.

Lot of stuff is colorless quartz and heat treated to be yellow, purple, topaz, pink, citrine.