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I think it's about time for my "Moving to Tennessee Breakdown"...

Tomorrow (Wednesday) the guy is coming to build custom crates for both my grandfather clock, my antique kitchen clock and for my grand-mother's antique desk.

Thursday the packers will be here all day. I think they are sending three people to pack the house.

Thursday night DH will be flying in from Tennessee to sweep me off my feet...ok, maybe not. But at least he will be here for the moral support that I very much need this week.

Friday the big burly mover guys will be here to load the truck. Whatever time they finish, DH and I will not have a bed to sleep in that night, so we have made a reservation at the Best Western in town.

Saturday morning while all of you are watching "AM Style" in your pj's with a cup of coffee DH and I will drive back out to the house for a short time, grab the dogs and those "boxes" we have talked about for the last two months and then hit the road.

While you are all enjoying your Saturday, I will be on the way to Tennessee and depending on what time we actually get on the road, the trip will be about 12 hours...of course, with the dogs it might be a little longer.

The moving van won't arrive until early next week, but DH has been in the house since the 16th of April, so by the time we roll in, I will probably be looking forward to that inflatable air-bed that he went out and bought! lol!!

Let me just say that all of you who have supported me, encouraged me, and held my hand along the way, I thank you. You know who you are, and you are too numerous to mention but not a one of you is forgotten! Rest assured that every reply that you have posted has been greatly appreciated. You have been a life-line for me.

This might be my last opportunity to post until some time next week, and if so I'll just say so long for now and thank you again for all of your support as we shared this adventure together. I look forward to talking to you next week from....Tennessee!!

Love you all, Benz {#emotions_dlg.wub}