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a friend gave me a pair of earrings as a Christmas gift. I had worn them to a party and then took them off when I got home. Yesterday I put them back on for work but when I got home I could only find one! I was so sad to think I had lost it.


This morning I found the "lost" earring. I had pulled it out of my ear when I took off my scarf & it was attached to the scarf.  The lost has been found!


I know, I know, no big deal but some days it is the little things in life that make a person happy.

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Isn't it wonderful when you find something that you though was gone forever

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@GinaV24   I'm so glad you were able to find it! I've had the same thing happen countless times and rarely ever found it again.  And you couldn't be more right about the little things in life.😊💝💕

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This has happened to me several times and it  great feeling !

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thanks yes it is a GREAT feeling. Happy happy me!

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so happy you found it!   i lost one earring, a shepherd hook style,  last januray. i wore a hooded sweatshirt with a thick fuzzy lining grocery shopping at two supermarkets.  plus i wore a mask.   when i got home one was missing!    it was a Scott Kay earring and i was heartbroken.  i jumped in the car and retraced all my steps and found my earring at the last store!  it had been found  at the Aldi and the cashier had held it for me!   i was over the moon!! 

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@GinaV24   Great news,

I recently lost 1 substantial gold hoop earring at Sams Club....I don't know when it came out, but I think it also got caught in my scarf.


 I called Sams to tell them and hoped it would be found (silly me) and gave them my phone was never found.


So glad you were able to find your lost earring.

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That's wonderful!  I lost a 14k hoop earring last week and I'm praying I find it somewhere.

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So true.

I hate losing things and don't do it often, but when it happens, it hurts.  For some dumb reason I have kept four single earrings, the other one of which I lost years ago, like the missing one is just magically going to appear out of thin air!

I recently lost one of my favorite gloves and it reminded me of the time I thought this had happened, but I had a hole in the lining of my coat and the glove had floated down to the inside hem.  Happy find.   Ever since then I have made sure my pockets were intact.