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I got this ring many years ago from QVC. Probably on St Patrick's Day. I used to wear it all the time, this morning I took it out of the "cobwebs" in my jewelry box. Does anyone else own it?


When I Googled it I couldn't believe the prices now on the silver one. That's what I have.


It came with an explanation of the symbols, I know the question mark is for the future of Ireland. One is obviously St. Patrick.


I'm going to wear mine often now. For a wide band ring it's very comfortable too. QVC used to sell a matching bracelet, the price of that would be so high now too.



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I may still have the explanation booklet that came with the cross. I’ll look a little later.

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Didn’t take long LOL!


If you google “Meaning of symbols- ‘History of Ireland’ jewelry” you will find what you’re looking for there.


The Question Mark stands for Ireland’s hidden past. D.H. and I went to a really wonderful Irish music concert Saturday, and one fellow said that some “experts” believe that the Irish people originated in the Mediterranean!


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I bought the ring many years ago. (back in the late 1990s?)  I also have a matching cuff bracelet as well as a charm bracelet.  One of the bracelets I bought from QVC, the other I purchased in Ireland. 


I was in Ireland in December and saw the ring and charm bracelet.  They were selling for A LOT more than I paid.

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@greeneyedlady   I don't own the ring but do remember its presentations very well. I always thought it was a lovely ring and a wonderful idea too. The execution on it was very good, and it always appeared to be substantial.  You made a good purchase, esp. if it's comfortable to wear.

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@violann  I had a "100% Wild Irish Mother",too.  Wonderful.  She would tell me "you're good as the best and better than the rest."  And she believed it even if I didn't. 

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