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Has anyone had recent experiences with professional movers?

I realize that I am really in the wrong forum to ask this question, but it seems that many visit Judith's forum or jewelry in general, and if I list this posting in some random area it may not catch as much visibility as I would like. So please forgive me for that...

Anyway, here's my question. I had my accessor out to the house today to determine the size of the moving job. When I asked her about household products and toiletries, she said that nothing that was aerosol or liquid should go on the truck. I can understand aerosol products due to possible fire issues, but I sure don't want to dump my Philosophy or PTR products down the sink. For heaven's sake! I have a 32 oz. bottle of PTR face cleanser in my bathroom that I haven't even used up by 20%! She told me that if something like that leaked onto my furniture, the company could not be responsible. OK ~ I understand that. Then she told me that if the packers went ahead and packed it, the movers wouldn't know what was in the boxes anyway and would take them. I am thinking about sealing the bottles myself and letting the packers pack them next week. I just don't want to throw costly toiletry items away. Thank goodness I quit buying super sized bottles of Philosophy products years ago! {#emotions_dlg.blink}

So, what do you think ladies? You have been 'in this' with me every since I announced that I am moving. Should I bite the bullet and flush my goodies down the sink or take a chance and let the movers pack them?

Looking forward to your always valued opinions. (In particular those who have used professional movers in recent years). TIA ~~ Benz