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HSN all day Tucson day

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It  was a nice change  to watch jewelry yesterday. For the most part, it was very interesting hearing from the vendors--I am  a little over Jay Kings stuttering  and stammering and re- hashing of his stories we all have heard ,but I enjoyed it. Didn't buy anything--am on a no buy plan now days--I have way too much anyway . I would love to go to Tucson to this event--have been there before on vaca with friends but later in the year. 

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I enjoyed the shows too.  I agree that hearing Jay gets a bit old, but that is how he is.  I liked the variety of jewelry and thought both the hosts and vendors did good jobs.  I like to see the different stones available and see things I don't see in my area.  I ordered a green sapphire ring since I love green sapphire, but that was my only purchase.  ShopHQ has had a good Tucson set of shows too.  



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It was fun, as was the earlier show when Jay had the TS.  I would love to attend the Tucson show too, but know I would pass out from sensory overload!

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I found it to be a refreshing break from the usual 80's era, boring QVC jewelry shows.  I watched it most of the day and even bought a couple of things.

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I don't find jewelry shows boring, but I am bored with any kind of showing when I don't plan to buy.  I prefer non-shopping channels for my entertainment, and even lots of those aren't all that great!

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I too was able to watch most of the day yesterday and I really enjoyed it!  I did buy the CL TS in the citrine before it sold out.  I would have preferred the 1 1/2 inch but had to settle for the 1 inch size.   Oh well, it's okay........and later I binged and bought the larimar "duster" earrings by Jay King!   Happy camper Smiley Happy

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I bought a couple things and enjoyed the new stuff, but I was so tired of the sound/mic going in and out.  Also thought it was ridiculous for Suzanne's show to be outside in that crazy wind.  They had to have blankets over their laps to keep warm.  


I also get tired of Jay's stories over and over and how long he's been doing this.  I think? I went to far overboard with my purchases.

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Could you share your favorite pieces from the shows?

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Since I wasn't planning to buy I don't remember many of what was on and I was in and out  so never really sat down and watched non stop. I do have a few Jay Kind pieces tho. And a few of Colleens too. I thought the sapphire pieces from that bougie  designer were lovely--Suzanne was the host and she was so giddy over them--they were pricey and out of my budget range. I am a fan of the turquoise and the spiny oyster ---Connie C Carroll was on but think her stuff is not great. I bought a piece of hers to try and sent it back--just kind of junky in person. thnik you can go back to tuesday and look at the whole days shows---I may do that---

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Yeah, Connie 's stuff is what I would call 'fashion' jewelry in the stores.