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Re: Great prices on some Adi Paz items!

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They ran a huge non-returnable blow-out sale when the new management came in.  It must have been very successful to repeat it again.  Their shipping and returns departments must be very costly.  I bought a pair of Laurie Felt jeans on the first one and ended up donating them as I guessed way wrong on the size.  I'm going to be very familiar with an item before I buy like this again.  (I also bought a pair of Clark's shoes at Zulily that were non-returnable.  They didn't fit, probably the first time in 20 years of buying Clark's by mail that the size was off.  Lesson learned, its woth paying more for an insurance policy.  

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Re: Great prices on some Adi Paz items!

Those earrings are lovely. I bought them in a gold sale (but not for such a great price) last year. I haven’t even worn them yet because of covid. They have just been sitting there looking pretty and twinkling at me.

I’ve come back for the other two colors. I hope I get to wear them all one day soon!