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Got letter from ShopN re silicone jewelry ...

Their records indicate I've bought silicone jewelry from them in the past. They single out Italian Gold With Stefano. They say Italian craftsman have recently provided them with a more detailed explanation of how it (gold silicone jewelry) is made. Silicone is paired with a 'delicate gold wire.' Graduated omegas don't require 'stabilization' of this wire for their shape. Gold tone silicone strands are woven into the omega. It is finished with solid 14K accents. ONLY clean by wiping with a clean cotton cloth. NEVER use chemical and cleaners. Since this info 'may not have been fully communicated,' I can return my copy of this letter in the envelope provided by 12/15 and they will send me more info and 'a special return kit.'

My feeling is a lot of these wires must be breaking, and maybe the silicone is turning black or even rotting away from cleaning and use and they are offering a recall in as subtle a way as possible.

Did anyone else get this letter? What do you think? I didn't even know I had a silicone piece from ShopN. It must be this $40.00 bracelet I bought because it reminded me of a hairband and I thought that was a cute look - I often end up with my hair bands around my wrist!