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Anyone familiar with this jewelry line?  What is the quality?  They seem to have some nice pieces. 

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Yes!  I have a few pieces from Bob Weinman of Generations 1912 when he sold on Home Shopping and also when he was on Shop NBC!  They are solid gold and very well designed.  I think he is now on HSN from time to time, but mostly silver pieces.  I'm sure they are still well crafted!

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Good to know.  Thanks for taking the time to respond Smiley Happy 

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@fluffie, I have many pieces from this line.  I bought them on the Canadian Shopping channel.  Bob Weinman is based in New York I believe.  His jewellery when I bought it was mainly gold, not silver like it is today.  The craftsmanship of the engraving is superior.  It is a family business that his grandfather started I believe.  The gem quality is usually very good also.  I don't have any silver pieces but if it is made by his company, I would expect it to be of the best quality.  HTH.   LM

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Yes. The quality is very good and they have great customer service.  I lost a stone and they told me to send the ring back and within 2 weeks it looked brand new with no cost to me. Bob even came on the phone when I was talking to the receptionist.  He really cares about his jewelry and customers. 

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Thank you all for your responses. I ordered a few pieces and am looking forward to receiving them. Bob is on HSN today and I really like the settings and the stones look lovely. I realize that they are set in sterling but they are reasonably priced. Can't wait to get them. 

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Last year I got their 3-stone Alexandrite and white zircon ring (it was almost $500 reduced to $189!). It's beautiful but has zero color change....but I wasn't expecting it to because of how pale the stones were. It's rhodium plated sterling.


One thing they do that I don't like is they put '1912' in the undergallery.