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Free Shipping 4/14/19

Anyone ordering anything?  

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Re: Free Shipping 4/14/19

I haven't so far because what I want is a bunny for Easter and I am afraid it is too late for ordering that.

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Re: Free Shipping 4/14/19

No I don’t need anything today, the one day no shipping doesn’t impress me. 

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Re: Free Shipping 4/14/19

@barb40 wrote:

Anyone ordering anything?  

No I actually bought shoes yesterday.Smiley Happy

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Re: Free Shipping 4/14/19

There were some things I wanted yesterday and didn't buy, so free shippping and easy pay today made the difference Usually, free shipping gets me to buy inexpensive things, where the shipping is a high percentage of the cost. 

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Re: Free Shipping 4/14/19

I did.  I ordered some storage bags from The Camouflage Company and some Bare Minerals makeup.


I've been using Laura Geller's Balance 'n' Brighten for a long time, but lately the color is so inconsistent.  The Fair is so heavily pigmented, with a lot of orange and browns, I have to tone it down with Mineral Veil.  (I ordered it directly from her own website, so no returns.)


A friend of mine said the same thing; she has always used the fair and lately she said it made her look orange!  NOT a good look!  So it's back to BM.   I checked around and it seems that, at the moment, QVC has the best price.


Plus, if it's not right, I can exchange it.



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Re: Free Shipping 4/14/19

@barb40   Goodness yes, my credit card is smoking! 

     I bought several items on lunchtime specials, glass lotus candle & D& Co top. Then things that I had written numbers & prices down but waited for the free shipping. It makes a difference, 

     I like the micro mani for smoothing nails but the refills are expensive then pricy shipping, so I ordered more. Then several Valerie candle items. Some I will keep & some for gifts.

     Someone mentioned the Casa Zeta Jones pillows on sale for  for $19.98 . I had seen them before so I had to have them. H213778 !

      I think it’s time to watch T V $ give my poor card a rest😁


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Re: Free Shipping 4/14/19

I ordered three pieces of Geoffrey Zakarian cast iron cookware and a set of two pans from “as is”. I saved about $22.00 really saves. Hopefully they offer it more often. I’m sure the sales today increased quite a bit.

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Re: Free Shipping 4/14/19

I bought  2 pairs of shoes and a bliss rocking chair.  Last month I opened a QVC card and got a $75 credit.  I used the credit for the chair.  I saved $18 in shipping....and got the chair for free!!!!!