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Re: FYI check your orders, girls

@SharkE    Maybe you should order online so YOU have control over the placing of your order.  Plus you could be getting rebates through one of the rebate services which you get for placing orders online.  I've collected over $5,000 from Mr. Rebates over the years.  Get a check almost every month.  You're throwing that away. 

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Re: FYI check your orders, girls

I accidentally ordered without changing the easy pay default. I went to the site area that allows updates/changes to easy pay and clicked the command to pay off the balance in full. The funny thing was that instead of paying off the total balance it ran through the four remaining payments as individual transactions. Don't be surprised if that happens.


I never call the call center. When watching a show I use my computer and order online. At one point single pay was the default and the customer had to select easy pay in order to get it. There must be some advantage to customers using easy pay for QVC to switch but I don't see it.

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Re: FYI check your orders, girls

@On It I just thought of one possible reason to change single pay to easy pay...........customer might order a bunch of things at once - and by putting the full amounts on credit card - bank may reject part or all of the amount(s).........if customer doesn't have the available credit line (max'd out or delinquent in payment.)


So if QVC puts in smaller amounts for cc gets accepted.


About listing all 4 individual easy pay payments instead of the total amount due..........think that shows you info you might want - and too much trouble to change the software.   Yes, all payments appear on your statement.

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Re: FYI check your orders, girls

@SharkE wrote:

When I ordered the Judith Ripka silver bracelet Wed. woman didn't ask me if I wanted easy pay and I never said I wanted easy pay.


so, I checked this morning on 'order status' and she put me down for easy pay !  I don't want or need easy pay or I would have told her.


Called in and hope they can kick it up to the right dept or I'll be stuck having to keep track of monthly payments.



@SharkE   When you order an item online, easy pay is the default unless you check it and note you eant a single payment. Many times, I've "missed that" and just hit pace order and it's e/p for me. CS couldn't change it. It would seem it's to their advantage to receive a full payment instead of waiting 5 months, no?

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Re: FYI check your orders, girls

They got to it in time think what they did is easy pay the first one then showed they charged the rest as paid off.


I don't have to monitor 'check here for the month of May, June, etc.' I got so much I have to keep track of on a regular business if I have the money at the  time just want to charge and go.


sometimes easy pay is good for a pricey piece of jewelry like 500 or over

and I'll use it, but, in future I'll say "no easy pay" and she will say "it's not on easy pay anyway" and I'll say "just wanted to make it clear".  LOL