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Re: Eterna Gold - Lifetime Warranty (?)

@Boomernichols wrote:

@benzgirl I will never purchase from this company again.  I had the experience of an earring wire broke off and I returned them with my proof of purchase.  Eterna gold sent me a "smaller" set of earrings back in return.  My original purchase was a twisted rope design at least an inch and I received a shiny  1/2 inch at most.I was not a happy camper and will "NEVER" do business with them again.  FOOL ME ONCE............

@Boomernichols.  There have been numerous complaints about this "racket" that Eterna Gold has going.  People return and older, heavier piece and get a lightweight, smaller replacement.  Eternal Gold makes a second profit.


If I had a broken piece, I'd pay to have it fixed locally.  If I had a dented bracelet, I'd call it "patina" and live with it.

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