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Eterna Gold - Lifetime Warranty (?)

Hi ladies.

I have a set of three yellow gold bangle bracelets that I purchased as a set from the Q many years ago. Two of them have dented and I know that EG has always promised a lifetime guarantee against dents, scratches, etc.

Has anyone ever actually sent an item to them for repair/replacement? If so, how was the experience?

I will be anxious to get some feedback! Thanks. Smile

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Re: Eterna Gold - Lifetime Warranty (?)

I'm sorry no one replied to Benzgirl b/c I'm returning my bracelets today and I am very nervous about it. I will share my experience with this community.

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Re: Eterna Gold - Lifetime Warranty (?)

I sent my favorite pair of hoops in for repair because the u shaped part that the wire hooks into broke off.  Wish I'd just taken it to my local jeweler for repair.  EG sent me a letter saying they couldn't repair the earring so they kept the pair and sent me a replacement pair of earrings.  These are pretty but definitely are lighter in weight than the pair I sent to them.


I like the earrings but was disappointed that they shortchanged me on gold weight.  I don't buy anything from them anymore.  I have their high polish gold bangle and after wearing it only a few times it got dented.  My other 3 bangles that are not EG have never dented.  They've held up much better and IMHO are prettier.

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Re: Eterna Gold - Lifetime Warranty (?)

I sent a bead to eterna gold warranty a few weeks ago and got the 'letter' today that that pair of earrings are no longer available....which I did not think it would still be a current earring....the earrings were small hoops with a bead dangle, one of the beads got smashed, that is what I wanted replaced- just a bead.


The bead weight is .4 gram....the letter states to pick out another piece of jewerly of that weight....holy smokes, it was a BEAD no piece of jewelry worth having will be that light weight!  All I want is a bead to match the other earring. 


I guess I will call them on Monday to see what I can do.


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Re: Eterna Gold - Lifetime Warranty (?)

@momtodogs I understand what you are saying, I'd be like that too, but maybe they don't have any beads like that so they THINK they are doing the right thing.  I think you are doing right by calling them and telling them what you'd like.  I'd do that too.  Please come back and tell us what happens, I for one would be interested in knowing.  Thanks for taking the time to post and let us know what's going on with your jewelry.  I wish more people would do that so we ALL know if anything is being taken care of like they say.

I've always had good luck with QVC.

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Re: Eterna Gold - Lifetime Warranty (?)

@Annabellethecat, I will do that....


Many years ago I had to send a bead necklace back to eterna gold, two beads got a dent in them, don't know how that happened.


The beads were a nice size,  all smooth gold (for lack of a better description)  and I really liked it, I was very disappointed when they sent back the replacement, there was a smooth bead, then a satin bead, as in every other bead was different....I did not really like it but there was nothing I could do about it, or so I thought.  I was much younger then and just let it go, today that would not happen, ha!

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Re: Eterna Gold - Lifetime Warranty (?)

Finally...I just spoke with Eterna Gold after playing phone tag for weeks.


Of course the earring I needed replaced was no longer available.

I was hoping that I could just get a new bead but they would not do that, I had to send the good earring and the other bead as well.  I would have must preferred just 2 new beads (beads dangle from a hoop earring).  There was nothing wrong with the hoop, one bead was smashed.


It would have been much easier if the QVC website would list the gram weight but no....I had to go thru all the jewerly and pick out what I liked and thought would fall into the  gram weight of my damaged earrings....not an easy task and then once the rep. from E.G. called we had to go thru each item number so she could check the gram weight, huge pain.


Another problem is that E.G. NEVER picks up a phone to answer a call, I called and had to leave a message each time, I would let them know when I would be home and never got a call back when I told them to call!  Luckily they called today and it's all taken care of.