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So glad QVC now has Effy jewelry. I ordered the confetti necklace. This brand adds alot of class to QVC's jewelry collection. Happy!
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Re: Effy new to QVC

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@NurseGayle  That necklace is absolutely gorgeous.  I bought an Effy pearl station necklace in a department store for my daughter in-law and the quality is beautiful.  I'm sure you will be very happy with your purchase!

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See my comments on the Gem Day thread.

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@NurseGayle agreed. Enjoy your gorgeous new necklace--- I'm sure it will be stunning.

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I orderd the Panther necklace.  It was a big buy for me but I really like it.  I bought the gold.

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They have that brand at Macy's.  I drool everytime I look at them.  If I could win the lottery...I would but sooooo many of their pieces.  Beautiful.

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Effy is great.  Beautiful diamonds too.  Gem Shopping has them on all the time.  Some pieces are signed by Effy too. They range in pirce from moderate to very expensive.  Everything at Gem Shopping is set in at least 14K. No 10K or Sterling there (from Effy)

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Congratulations on the confetti necklace! I adore the design and quality. It's on my wish list.

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I love the gemstone and diamond highway hoop earrings. I'm working on overhauling our family room so not sure they are in the budget or not.

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