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Just checked my wishlist...Today's Lunchtime special (6.23.14 Monday) is a Ripka ring...J286257... great price $31.80.. think easy pay, too. Enjoy early risers or night owls~


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Thanks for the heads up. I ordered it!

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Hi Moongirl!

Thank you so much for posting I got one! I am now thinking I should have picked one up for my sister to at that price....before they blow out of here!

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What a deal, thank you for posting. I just ordered it.

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You did a nice thing to let us know about this ring. Thank you. I ordered one. It's a good deal and a very pretty ring.

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Thanks for the heads up. I ordered it.

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Many thanks. I ordered one too to go with my mama pia cuff.
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I bought 2 of these for me & one for my DD#2. I gave it to her yesterday along with the TSV earrings. She was surprised & happy with them.