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Disappointed in Gold Day Purchases

Both arrived today, the Pope Francis pendant and a pair of gold hammered earrings. Not happy with either of them. The pendant is small and very light weight, looked better on the show, going back. I love the symbolism but not worth the money. The earrings J289508 are very light weight and flimsy. I can hardly see the hammered detail. They both came in nice boxes though. I guess I will stick with silver, more bang for the buck and I do love my silver jewelry.

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Re: Disappointed in Gold Day Purchases

Sorry you were disappointed - I just received my small Omega and I knew not to expect too much - but I rather like it - needed something to wear with my very small coin pendents - wearing it now and like the look - it was the OTO so price was right - anyhow I will have 30 days to think about it!

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Re: Disappointed in Gold Day Purchases

I ordered the TSV and I'm crossing my fingers that it won't look like gold dental floss. If I'm disappointed I have my eye on a couple of other things. Sorry you didn't like your purchases. Things almost always look better on the screen.