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The next TSV is platinum over sterling, a set of 3 stack rings under $55.   I'm not impressed.    One thing I wish QVC would do is make it easy to find the "companion" items that go with any TSV.    For example, I may not want to spend money on a TSV necklace but I would buy companion earrings if I knew what they were.    I usually don't find out until I see a presentation.


Sometimes I see "other items" at the bottom of a page, but I want to see all the companion pieces.    Any thoughts?

The upcoming TSV is a huge snore for me.  Why can't they come up with something new and fresh?  If they could compete with the designer silver brands they'd be doing themselves a favor because many don't care to pay the $ for the designer products.

I so wanted to want it!

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Judith Ripka $$$ CZ & Clad! I will NOT purchase, Frankly her new designs gaudy. So excited receiving email for TSV *sigh* Not only same old design! No gold choice? Please real 14k. Thank you!

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Does anyone have the style number for the TSV on June 30.  Thanks!

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I have not been pleased with the quality of the Diamonique pieces in a long time.  My last few orders have been very disappointing.  The pieces looked like the cheapest garbage and I was too embarrassed to wear.  They were small pieces, too.  Nothing flashy or gaudy, very understated but still, they looked horrible -- like plastic -- and so obviously fake.  


I have the old 5-stone anniversary ring from the 1990s in white gold.  Looks amazing.  The new stuff?  Awful.

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The diamonique of today is not the diamonique of yesterday.  The quality of the stone is not the same.  Platinum clad does not always wear well and all sterling silver is a better buy.  The prong settings are not the same quality.  The workmanship of the product  is not the same.  At one time it was a very good product to purchase but sadly today it is not.

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Today I purchased a pair of solid 14K gold, 1 c total weight ascher cut cz earrings at TJMaxx for $39. Not flimsy, substanial gold setting and sparkle like crazy. They also had them in 1/2 c total weight.

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I love my Diamonique! Erin Mosely and MBR were so enjoyable to watch yesterday. Erin is adorable (new). I posted this picture on her FaceBook page at her request.  It is my original band (platinum) with a Diamonique solitaire.

Purchased two of the TSVs yesterday (two sizes). Also purchased the split-shank cushion-cut 3ct, which looked so nice on Erin's hand.


Wish the 3ct Emerald-cut had been shown on the hand with the thin TSV bands on either side!

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for your comment.  I have also been shopping for Diamonique since it became available on QVC and the designs today are just not that good anymore.  I quit buying it a couple of years ago because I don't find it that pretty, nor is it a good value anymore.  Again, I will ask..........can anyone enlighten me as to who this Erin Moseley is and why she has to be on every Diamonique show?  IMHO, she brings nothing to the table.  I guess I missed her introduction to the Q, but not sure what her role is or why she is necessary.

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Couldn't agree with you more.  I know the big stones have their place and there are women who love them.  Then, there are those of us with average to smaller hands who just cannot or would not want to wear a huge, honkin' stone.  I am only speaking for myself, but I also don't want a bunch of smaller stones surrounding the main stone of my rings.  I hate the halo and now, it is difficult to find any design that doesn't have it.  Simplicity is the key here QVC.  Not everyone wants jilly frazzy jewelry. 

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Since they are quick to point out that the stones are guaranteed for life, I would send my ring back and let them replace it.  That has been the "mantra" for Diamonique stones since its' inception, so make them replace the stones in your ring.  I'm not sure that CZs have the same chemical, physical and optical properties that real diamonds do, but they should not turn cloudy.  Hopefully, they can replace the stones in your ring and give you back your beautiful ring in the same condition you purchased it.