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I do not know about everyone else but the diamonique they offer today does not compare to what they use to.  I love the Epiphany but we do not get a new ring that often.  I have been a qvc shopper for 30 years.  The diamonique does not wow me anymore like it use to.  Bring back the diamonique of before and have regular shows like you use to have, mainly on Sunday nights.

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My FIRST purchse on the Q over 20 years ago was a pair of 1/2 total weight 14k studs.  I LOVED them.  Lost one of them this year and wanted to replace them.  First of all, I can't find anything in 1/2 carat total weight (1/4 carat each ear).... and the larger stone earrings when I finally decided to buy them had tinny looking 14k around the stone. Very thin gold and very large stones.


That's all I want is a pair of tiny, believable 14k diamonique earrings that have the same gold weight and quality (the size of the prongs are extremely important).  I know I won't be paying $35.00 again for them.... but please, bring them back.  Not everyone wants a half carat in each ear!   Woman Happy 

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 I used to love the big DMQ shows.  I did not purchase much, but it was beautiful to watch.  DMQ must not be as popular as it once was.  

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I like the Diamonique stones as much as ever but I dislike the designs and metals offered lately.  I don't like huge center stones and I don't care for eternity bands.


I'd love to see some simple wedding sets or other rings with small stones set in GOLD!  I'd even take 10 kt. gold but epiphany just hasn't held up for me in the long term on rings.  The bottom of the shank wears away and the metal looks dull/



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I think the glory days of Diamonique have come and gone.

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Over the years I have purchased a lot of Diamonique, but as of late, the last couple of purchases have been disappointing.  I returned one ring because it was cloudy from the get-go.  The other one I waited too long and never wear it.


I do enjoy watching the shows though, just to keep abreast of the latest styles.

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I also want something that would look REAL on an average middle class woman. 

3-5 carat rings scream fake to me.  I am sure that they could sell more realistic designs if the called them "Diamonique Classics", and put them in gold or even silver.  Epiphany does not wear well over the long haul.

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I agree!  Sad to say my Diamonique annivesary ring set in 14 kt. gold has become cloudy after wearing it daily for several years.  What I don't get is I thought synthetic diamonds (Cubic Zirconia) were chemically the same as real if that was the case Diamonique should not wear out like this. 
So it would be reasonable to say Diamonique not really quality CZ. Man Sad
I would appreciate QVC responding to this.



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Does anyone think that Diamonique will do their own version of the "Ever Us" ring? I like it but don't want to spend a lot of money.

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I've had dozens of Diamonique rings over the years, so I can't speak to a stone becoming cloudy with years of daily wear.  I would take that ring to a jeweler, many do free ring cleanings.  You just might be surprised how well it comes out.  Even with switching out rings every few days, I have had the experience of the Epiphany plating not holding up.  Strange, because  plating from other lines has been just fine.