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I think the astrology necklaces are a cute idea and love that they’re adjustable to 16”. 


When did my July cancer “crab” become a “69”? 



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Good question. You are NOT looking at the number “69”. Instead, it is an abstract depiction of the crab, which is the animal associated with the sign, Cancer. ... 



The symbol of the sign number IV Cancer, is easily mistaken for numeral sixty nine, but it is not! Look more closely and you can see the two circles which represent the new and full moon and two crescents which represent the 1st quarter and the last quarter phases.




copied from google search

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@Shanus  :::waving::: I'm a Cancer, too!  Those necklaces aren't for me, but for those who like 'em, have at it!


@TheMemphisVette  wow, Memphis, thanks for that information.  I always wondered why the sign was designated in that way, but was too lazy to look it up.