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Creede Silver Strike - feeling neglected...

Wondering why they are still having 24 hour (I believe) gold rush shows on main channel, but yet QVC has relegated the Creede Silver Strike to just a few hours on Q2...Would think sterling silver could still have at least two (2) 24-hour days, with all the cooking days, beauty days, so many electronics, mattresses, clothing tsv's, yet they make this just an expensive (although I love JAI) Big Deal on Q2.  VERY disappointed.

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Re: Creede Silver Strike - feeling neglected...

@luv decor ....I totally agree with you!!! I don't like gold jewelry nor would I buy gold jewelry at its ridiculous prices. I look forward to the dedicated Silver days ...Creed Silver Strike, etc...every year. I have many beautiful pieces of silver jewelry that I wear often...and always seem to find at least one more piece I "need"!!!  QVC never ceases to disappoint these days. I wonder if the new CEO will make any constructive changes?

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Re: Creede Silver Strike - feeling neglected...



QVC usually features whatever sells.  We rarely see jewelry shows devoted to Bronzo or stainless steel,  and the drusy and black spinel gemstone crazes have passed.


The past few years saw a decrease in jewelry sales overall, but gold rebounded after covid, because people look at the metal also as an investment.


I like silver, but I rarely purchase for myself.  I usually buy gold, but now I look for clearance and special sales, due to the high cost.  I will watch to see if there are any gift ideas for family and friends.  Maybe with more viewers and puchases, QVC will return the silver sale next year to the main channel with more hours!

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Re: Creede Silver Strike - feeling neglected...

I am totally upset with qvc. Apparently the big shots dislike silver lovers. We look forward to the two shows a year, but I guess fashion takes preference even though it is on 7 days a week. Not only did they take away 24 hours of Creede, but the pieces they put on were priced so high that ordinary working people can't afford it. Guess that way they won't sell as much and can do away with the shows altogether. Too bad a good thing is over and so are the good shows at qvc.